SM is the largest mall operator in the Philippines with 74 malls nationwide as of end-2019. Through the malls’ free WiFi service, the company has collected a database of 5mn+ mobile numbers and can overlay this with the database of arguably the country’s largest loyalty program – SM Advantage Card (SMAC). 

RSCI can send targeted SMS to this combined database based on selected demographics and purchase behavior.

SM Supermalls Lead Targeting Strategy

Customer Demographics
Mobile Behavior
Purchase Behavior

Location Targeting Strategy

This strategy pertains utilizing data that shows which mall was visited by the target customer or where thir current location is in an SM Mall. 3 types of SMS blasting are Generic, Mall-based, and Zone-based. Generic set-up is where bulk SMS is sent to all the registered WiFi users per mall, wheras the Mall-based is when SMS is sent to customers upon entering the mall. Zone-based is more specific as it sends SMS once a subscriber passes by a designated area or zone inside the mall.

Customer Demographics Targeting Strategy

Customer Demographics strategy simply targets your SMS ads based on specific parameters set for a target market such as age, gender, or marital status

Mobile Behavior

This strategy pertains to targeting customers with a specific cellphone OS type, subscription type, or current telco provider.

Purchase Behavior

The process for this strategy is as follows:

1. Encrypted SCMC DB is passed on to SMIC (Data labs) for data matching with MCIA’s database.

2. SMIC identifies which leads from SCMC DB are SMAC members.

3. SMIC profiles SCMC leads based on their SM Advantage card usage.