WiFi Ads

RSCi introduces new pricing scheme for WiFi Ads

RS Concepts, Inc. is happy to announce a much more affordable pricing scheme for our SM WiFi advertisements, in coordination with SM Cyberzone, the WiFi operator of all 60+ SM Supermall branches across the country.


RSCi has been given the exclusive rights to offer online ad spaces that are visible to internet users who connect through SM’s free WiFi internet service inside all their malls. This is through an exclusive partnership with Shopping Center Management Corporation of the SM Group, which has the full operational control of the WiFi services of the SM Supermalls.


As per data provided by SM marketing office, the average unique logins for all branches are 200,000 per day. For SM North Edsa in particular, one of the bigger branches, the total wifi log-ins was 117,811 last September 2017.


WiFi Ads offer the following inherent advantages:


Guaranteed impressions since consumers are sure to see them prior to accessing and availing of the free WiFi connection

Proximity to point of purchase – which leads to potential purchase – entices the consumers to ultimate result to a purchase

Accuracy of reports


In addition, this type of campaign can be customized based on the following parameters:


Type of ad format

Ad budget per day

Daily budget cap

Time of day to run the ad

Type of devices that can see the ad

Specific SM branches to run the ad


Take advantage of these new rates and include this promotional tactic in your brands’ campaigns. Send us an email at russalfonso@rsconceptsinc.com for requests for proposals, presentations, as well as for a complete list of our digital marketing solutions.