LFDs along Ayala Underpass

RSCi introduces LFDs along Ayala Underpass

RS Concepts will install five units of large format displays (LFDs) monitors along the Ayala Underpass, specifically along the underpass of Paseo de Roxas. These advertising LFDs will complement the existing advertising solutions of RSCi in the Makati area which include light boxes, wall murals, and bus shed ads.


RSCi has been providing advertising solutions along the said underpasses for several years already, through the rights granted by the Makati Commercial Estate Association (MACEA). However, this will be the first time the company will use digital technology in its advertising solutions in the underpasses. This digital format allows real time rotating content, as well as easier process in changing and replacing old content.


For maximum impact, the five LFDs will be beside one another, and will be highlighted by a full wall mural. In addition, only one advertiser will be allowed at any given time for optimal effect.


Send us an email at russalfonso@rsconcetpsinc.com to know about this advertising solution as well as other OOH advertising placements available for your brand.