3d hologram

RSCi brings advanced 3D hologram advertising solution to the Philippines

RS Concepts, Inc. is proud to bring Hypervsn™ to the Philippine market. Hypervsn™ is the ultimate solution for delivery amazing, floating in mid-air 3D visuals with holographic effect.


Hypervsn™ solution was developed with organizations’ business needs in mind.  A lightweight projection unit supported by a proprietary, cloud-based management platform allows advertisers to use it in almost any customer-facing location, at entertainment venues or at events of any size.


In addition, advertisers can reinforce the impact of their brands by creating a Hypervsn™ network of as many units and across as many locations as they need. Remotely, effectively and smoothly.


It has already received an array of awards including the British Innovations of the Year and was named among the World’s 10 Most Impressive Technologies.


The introduction and launch of Hypervsn™ in the Philippines is made possible through the partnership between RS Concepts and Kino-mo, the company behind  Hypervsn™. Kino-mo is an award-winning British company developing and delivering smart, emotionally compelling and visually impactful technologies. Notable investors include Mark Cuban and Sir Richard Branson.


Know more about Hypervsn™ solution, see its visually stunning implementations, and learn more about the company behind it here (hyperlink – www.kino-mo.com)


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