RS Visits Top Ad Agencies, Holds Roadshows

“Two heads are better than one” they say. But here at RS Concepts, we say “Three heads are better than one”. RS Concepts Inc. is the only Media Agency in the country who offers a one stop shop solutions for every brand’s advertising needs.


We are not just an Out Of Home company like most advertisers used to know. Our Ground Activations Services and Digital divisions solidify our stand in the Philippine market as the “go to advertising company”.


It was October 2016 when the three pillars of the company were unified. From then on, handfuls of roadshows were held in various advertising agencies and direct clients to showcase the exclusive products and services of Media – POP, GAS and Digital departments that will help them achieve their goals and objectives and increase their revenues.


Mindshare, Zentih Optimedia, Starcom, Touch BPN, IPG Media and McCann are just some of the top ad agencies in the Philippines who were visited by RS Concepts and had a full-deck presentation headed by the company president himself, Mr. Russ Alfonso.


To know more about RS Concepts’ products and services, contact us and let’s have a fun, interesting and informative discussion. Allow us to help you promote your brands effectively. Email us at russalfonso@gmail.com.