Retractable Signage System

RS Retractable Signage System

Innovation is one of RS Concepts’ key aspects. We aim to provide new products in the advertising world that can make the industry better.  With this, RS Concepts Inc. introduces its new Retractable Signage System. Safe and easy installation from the floor – no ladder needed, reduced labor cost that requires only one person for installation in a short span of time, simple and versatile system that doesn’t require technical skills for installation and increase in revenue generation by attracting more consumers while keeping them informed. All these in one sophisticated and handy product


Putting up in-store information signs has never been made easy. This can be installed by one person in 5 simple steps. All you have to do is 1.) Clip the display system to the ceiling; 2.) Pull down the bar with a pole; 3.) Attach the display to the hooks on the bar; 4.) Retract the sign back to your desired length; and 5.) Lock the sign with the use of adjustable stoppers. Not only that, you may replace the signs as many times as you want.


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