RS Featured Product

RS Featured Product: Build-Your-Own Booth

Exhibitions and events have always require a lot of work, skills and tools specifically for booth setups. With our new innovation, RS Build-Your-Own Booth or the RS BYOB, ingress and egress have never been made easy.

The RS BYOB provides a full solution for exhibits and events. It comes in 6-meter kits and 3-meter kits with different configurations. You can play around with the booth setup or look with all the parts and accessories that you have. Said accessories include shelves, display panels, multimedia panel, lighting materials and graphics that you can easily replace. Not only that, no tools needed with its slide and click mechanism. It’s so simple that one person can setup an entire booth. The whole kit comes with a casing for easy storage too. Indeed, it’s a build your own booth.

RS BYOB will certainly provide great solution to advertisers, exhibitors or events organizers. They can easily avoid issues such as lack of manpower, missing tools and even limited setup up time. They can also save a lot of space with its sleek and neat look.

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