Retail Eye

RS Concepts Inc. Launches “Retail Eye” Prototype

RSCI is well-known for its Point Of Purchase (POP) displays and modules in the Philippine Retail Marketing Industry. Smart, PLDT, Huawei, Robinson’s, Rustan’s, Sanofi, Kimberly Clark, Unilever, Fuji Film and Alveo Land are just some of the company’s reputable partners.


RSCI’s Managing Director and President, Mr. Russ Alfonso together with his Digital Marketing Team launched an innovative retail marketing solution that highlights the company’s forte, i.e. POP and merged it with cutting edge technology.


Introducing, “The Retail Eye”, the most advanced smart retail intelligence that tracks and measures the effectiveness of brands’ retail presence in realtime.


Retail Eye tells you not only the products that your customers purchase, it also tells you who they exactly are, when the items are being purchased, the buying behavior of the consumers as well as the engagement.


The Retail Eye helps brands create a marketing strategy that will help them capture the attention of their targeted audience and drive them to purchase through the data generated from it.


Retail Eye doesn’t only provides the advertisers the data of their real consumers, it is also integrated with a Lift and Learn feature that creates outstanding engagement between their products and their customers. Once the product is lifted from the module, a video-specs of it will be displayed on the screen that can help the consumers in decision making.


The Retail Eye prototype was first introduced and demonstrated to Samsung Philippines for their mobile and appliance products. After the presentation, RSCI received great feedbacks and requests for costing from Samsung bosses.


We would like to help you increase your sales and we would like to demonstrate the Retail Eye right in your offices. Send us an email at for a demo schedule.