RS Concepts’ Email Marketing Database Surpasses Industry Open Rate Benchmark

Studies state that Email Marketing is still the most trusted form of communication over other channels. In e-commerce, this means that consumers still rely heavily on email promotions and email marketing plays a big role in their purchasing or decision making.


RS Concepts Inc. being the advertisers’ “go-to” and “one stop shop” media agency in the country, connects the brands to their respective audiences in all types of advertising mediums, one of those is email marketing. The company boasts over a million active email addresses who all have the purchasing power in its database that can surpass the industry bench mark of 10% – 20% open rate.


Guaranteed and on time delivery of email campaigns are what RS Concepts Inc. promises to its partners. Along with its “hot leads”, a designated team comprised of IT professionals and creative staff manage the entire process of each project. From designing the material, to test blasting, to official launching up to reporting, all of these will be taken good care by our committed Email Marketing team!


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