solenn Connects Advertisers to Over 31M Social Media Followers

RS Concepts Inc. has been known for its exclusive advertising products and services. Along with the inauguration of its Digital division, a unique Influencer and Social Media Marketing product is now readily available for Advertisers to use in promoting their brands on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and get in touch with millions of celebrity-frenzy Filipinos. Meet our own video website:


Unlike other video sites, does not rely on its online traffic. It has a pool of celebrities and endorsers who have an aggregated 31 Million fans and followers on the said social media tripartite that makes it one of a kind of product in the market.


Advertisers can freely select videos from the list of interesting categories that match their brands. With its non-skippable video ad serving feature, promises zero media wastage or guaranteed views for its partners and connects them to millions of loyal fans and followers on social media.


To know more about this exclusive product, please do send us an email at