RS Shade

Featured Product: RS Shade

Making products visible and providing the consumers with as much information as possible are very important to promoting products. However, spaces provided especially for merchandises in supermarkets and convenience stores may be limited and may not be enough to post all information necessary while effectively advertising products. With this, RS Concepts Inc. introduces RS Shade. It is very compact and can be easily installed with its fully assembled and ready to mount design. Branding may be placed on the laminated header that is proved to be durable. The pull down part of the RS Shade may contain more information and details about the products being advertised. Material used for the pull down part is tear proof assuring the advertisers that this tool can really last. After pulling down the shade, it easily retracts and ready for another consumer to view the ad.


The RS Shade is available in three different sizes – mini, standard and large. The standard RS Shade may extend up 60 square inch that is said to be four times longer than a usual shelf talker. At the same time, it is easily mounted to surfaces but other attachment methods are also available.


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