As the world of advertising and marketing continuously and quickly evolves, the extreme demand to connect to the consumers also increases. Everyone seeks for ease and convenience for their different necessities. The emergence and rise of smartphone usage in the country is proof of this wherein people never leave their homes without it. The signal to inevitable trend shift of effective and efficient advertising.

Digital Marketing, unlike traditional advertising opportunities, offer cost efficient and specifically targeted options to reach the desired demographic of every advertiser. Where traditional media’s effectivity can only be guessed and estimated, digital marketing campaigns are quantifiable and come with analytics to prove the effect and outcome of the campaign.

In this on-demand world, advertisers much reach audiences’ touch point that is relevant to their different lives and business. RS Concepts, Inc. realizes this and aims to guide our clients to understand, be effective, and get ahead with our broad array of our digital marketing services.

Social Media Marketing

Audiences almost depend their lives in different social media platforms as the world grow simultaneously with digital evolution. The inevitable emergence of different social media platforms usage releases the opportunities for businesses to develop internally and externally.

Maximizing marketing strategies to extend its supremacy across digital enormously leverage audiences to purchase products and avail services due to trendsetting made by digital platforms. By simply clicking, sharing and posting interesting contents that catch audiences’ interest, social media platforms became the most preferred channel and medium in most various fields.

With that, RS Concepts Inc. can raise strong bonds and relationships between the audiences and brands and businesses in most effective ways. The relevance and engagement of each digital campaign will eventually be converted into obvious profitable presence online.


Programmatic Ad Exchanges

Automation is one of the demands seek when businesses and advertisers pursue a digital platform for marketing. Due to evolving system of our technology, the transactions and processes of marketing online is almost intangible and free-hand. Thus, for them, it becomes more efficient when precise data is applied.

Programmatic media buying and/or Programmatic marketing is considered as the future of digital advertising as well as the whole world of advertising. Because of its automation and high precision in targeting audience, it is a desirable option for advertisers and businesses to penetrate more in this platform. With high relevance the quality of ad, it can gain convenience with low expenditure but great return on investment.

Programmatic Marketing offers contextual targeting and smart profiling. This means that advertisers can pinpoint their specific target audience for their ads, enabling them to only spend on exposure that is beneficial to their offering. Advertisers can segment their campaign by demographic, content channel, geographical location (hyperlocal), time of day, operating system, carrier, and even the device used.

Mobile Marketing Services

People seek for mobility and convenience. Instant results are what people demand as the technology also evolves into something unreachable. Through these observable progressions, the usage of smartphones, not only satisfy users but gives them reliance on their different lives and businesses.

Mobile Marketing pushes brands and businesses to get near to their customers on devices they use the most: mobile phones and tablets. Reaching the audiences and demands, mobile marketing can bring lenience for potential customers in terms of engagement, conversions and even purchasing.

RS Concepts practices several mobile marketing services which decipher every audience’s interest and purchasing power for the brands and businesses. RS Concepts also provides innovation for the discovery of every business opportunity in different mobile platforms.

Influencer Marketing

Through blogging, posting and commenting by highly influential people, these influencers can be used to market and build image for brands, events or business.

RS concepts has built its own digital channels where the country’s top celebrities and personalities post videos that are only exclusive to the channel. They then blast and promote these videos to their social media channels for their fan base to watch. The influencer is incentivized as well to create interesting content by having a share on the derived adverting revenue.

This is prime opportunity for advertisers for products and services whose target are the fan bases and the demographic who might be interested of the video coming from these influencers.


WiFi Hot Spot Marketing

Internet connection has become a necessity in today’s metropolitan jungle. For the vast majority without data plans (or conserving theirs), locations offering free WiFi hotspots attract the general public to connect. And once they avail of the service, consumers can be directed to product offerings and advertisements.

WiFi Hotspots Marketing offers advertisers to project campaigns in the log-in page, interstitial page (waiting page), and on the landing page. These opportunities offer guaranteed impressions since consumers are sure to see them prior accessing and availing of the free WiFi connection.

RS Concepts is partnering with the country’s biggest malls to manage the advertising component of their free WiFi connections for their mall goers. This becomes more valuable because consumers are near or within the area of point of purchase and this entices the consumers to ultimate result to a purchase.


Beacon Proximity Marketing

With today’s modern society, mobile devices staple for people. It is also the preferred way of accessing digital content. Brands and businesses must understand how to connect successfully to mobile consumers.

Through proximity marketing, brands and businesses are able to bring a variety of marketing contents to potential consumers.

RS Concepts delivers and practices hyper local targeting which classify audiences by their demographic, age, gender and interests. With that, RS Concepts can boost sales by reaching highly targeted audiences with relevant content for their lives and different businesses.


Email Marketing

One of our advantages of digital marketing is the precision of targeting the audiences based on their locations, age group, gender and interests. That is why advertisers also consider directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. This is also known as email marketing.

Business can count on email marketing as an effective way of retailers to retain and acquire their customers. In Europe and America, more then 80% – according to a study – depend on acquisition and another 80% rely on customer retention. The key to its effectivity is the curated and verified email list.

To name some of its advantages:

  1. Personalization of email grabs effectiveness rather then using general email blasts. That knowledge of personalizing email offers could create different marketing messages to different types of customers.
  2. Welcoming new potential customers is an asset and also a widely acceptable opportunity for engagement rate. Mobility is a must. We are in a world of digital progression and development. An extreme percentage of consumers seek for mobility usage of smartphones is a current standard for relevant lives and businesses.